What we do

We are a true all-in-one software engineering company to deliver not just the software applications, but also the platform layer that handles the uptime, security and management, as well as the infrastructure that hosts your most mission critical applications in ISO 270001 certified datacenters.

Our clients call us for a reason, a full stack IT service provider, because they know they can rely on us on all layers of the IT operations and research&development.

Cloud Infrastructure

Since 2003, our clients and partners from over 30 different countries, have relied on us to deliver infrastructure as a service, backed by a 24x7 Network Operations Centre (NOC), and a clear Service Level Agreement (SLA), hosted in reliable datacenters in Europe and USA.

We have delivered tailor-made server infrastructure, in order to meet the most demanding performance and uptime requirements of our clients and partners, and helped them store massive amounts of data or deliver data over our reliable high performance IP network.

Our managed services, keeps your focus on your business, while we make sure that your hosted cloud applications and environments are secured and online 24x7.

Software and Application development

For over five years, we have built software applications to Timing is crucial, diversity of expertise is a must to build a software stack that grows with your business operations. We have the skill set to structure processes, architect the platform core, build the right environment and develop a prototype within a few weeks. All this, so you get your new product or service to market as soon as possible.

For Software Development, we have different fields of expertise, and are able to deliver webbased applications, backend services, migration services as well android/ios mobile and cross platform apps.