We Are Ready for Startups

Startups are among our most valuable and most strategic partners for a good reason. Innovative startups are formed to enter new, high risk, booming markets, that require different fields of expertise in IT and the drive to innovate and goal to lead in markets.

Software Concepting

We are a true all-in-one software engineering company to deliver not just the software applications, but also the platform layer that handles the uptime, security and management, as well as the infrastructure that hosts your most mission critical applications in ISO 270001 certified datacenters.

Our clients call us for a reason, a full stack IT service provider, because they know they can rely on us on all layers of the IT operations and research&development.


We have got the ideal team to build a fully functional project within four weeks. This gives startups an excellent opportunity to pitch their prototype in front of investors or


The growth of your startup is not just measured by the number of clients. We will make sure that your growth plan contains KPI’s, Target, Guidelines and Rules, to ensure while your number of clients are increasing, operational and quality objectives are met, procedures are further standardised and documented, and new rules are applied to increase operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.


Startups make wrong decisions sometimes. Their determination have still helped them get past the prototypes and first investors. But their existing software has become a limitation for their growth. We can help startups not just with fixing all existing problems in a new software core, but actually help them migrate their clients and data over to the newly built software core.


Startups need capital. Business angels and investors help them with a financial boost to get things done. Bootstrapped startups invest mostly founder’s knowhow and the limited resources to reach their targets. We believe in our unique role as a partner for startups. We help them with all parts of the process, in order for them to grow further or move past the first angel investment. We can participate in startups by partially or fully invest in our part of the services. And in specific cases, we do strategic capital investments in startups. Just like the startups, we do believe in idea’s, and if the risk profile or the market type is a suitable one, we will participate in equity.