Cloud Infrastructure

Since 2003, our clients and partners from over 30 different countries, have relied on us to deliver infrastructure as a service, backed by a 24x7 Network Operations Centre (NOC), and a clear Service Level Agreement (SLA), hosted in reliable datacenters in Europe and USA.

We have delivered tailor-made server infrastructure, in order to meet the most demanding performance and uptime requirements of our clients and partners, and helped them store massive amounts of data or deliver data over our reliable high performance IP network.

Our managed services, keeps your focus on your business, while we make sure that your hosted cloud applications and environments are secured and online 24x7.

Platforms & Portals

We build automation environments for portals to process orders, third party data, administrative tasks, provide self service or automation capabilities for clients or users. We know what it takes to build systems that work according to your business formula.

Bigdata & Business Intelligence

Data is the new science, but storing and turning the massive amounts of data into actionable intelligence requires in dept expertise. Integrating bigdata into the business to make better decisions requires even further integrations and technologies. We help you to effectively pioneer data.


The financial sector requires near-instant decision making. With data gathering and processing, all packed into a portal that helps departments and third parties gather intelligence or agree to transactions, we bring fintech to the next level with live data streams or instant transaction handling.


Systems need more proactive functionalities and growth within the organisation. Devices need more automation in terms of data intelligence gather and quality controlling. Internet connected devices give us these capabilities. The IOT standards require massive scale of efficiency and automation to enjoy the future of business automation. We are masters in massive scalable automation platforms.

Among our products are:

- self service order and delivery portals for manufacturers handling orders their distribution network of resellers and sub resellers

- customer service systems where support agents are able to service clients of internet appliances through the web interface

- a multiplatform interface available for web, iOS mobile, android mobile, where users are able to sign up, verify contact information, order and pay and get their virtual product delivered online.

- Massive data gathering of tens of thousands of devices, to detect device failures, discover client use cases, better delivery of content to clients, discover media content statistics, to help our media partner assess and predict demand, plan production and increase customer satisfaction.